What are ET´s, Angels and Archangels?

“Throughout human history there have been legends and myths about visitors from other worlds. In ancient times such visitors were called Angels, Archangels, Gods and demons. In contemporary times the term “extra-terrestrial” is often used to describe the same phenomenon of visitors from other worlds.
It is important for us to understand that the phenomenon of visitors from elsewhere is not new, but has been part of human culture since the beginning of recorded history.
Though it is not often understood in contemporary times, the phenomenon of other world visitors has its roots in interdimensional scientific laws of physics, as well as within spiritual experience.
Through quantum physics and related theories, the contemporary scientific community has just begun to explore the realities of interdimensional physics. Through our contemporary New Age movement we are beginning to understand greater applications of scientific laws as they apply to human spirituality. Much of this new understanding has emerged through the phenomenon of Angelic Visitor contact itself.
Angelic Visitors are not fictional characters emerging from the human psyche. Angelic visitors are biological beings that emerge into our world from 5 different matter Density Levels that exist as an inherent part of  the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix within which Earth resides.   
There is a Primal Order of Universal Structure through which space-time-matter reality experience emerges. Primal Order is built upon scalar-field dynamics. A scalar-field is a field of interwoven sclar-standing-wave points that are composed of Primal Units of Energy called Partiki, Partika and Particum. These 3 Primal Units of conscious energy form the base substance from which Particle, Anti-particle and Ante-particle electro-magnetic fields form.
The Primal Order of Universal Structure forms in sets of 15dimensional scalar-fields called Time Matrices, which are separated into 5 interwoven 3-dimensional reality systems called Harmonic Universes. Each 3-dimensional harmonic Universe represents a specific matter Density Level. Each of the 5 Density Levels in one Time Matrix represents a life field with biological orientation characteristic to its level of matter density.


All of the planets, stars and galaxies in our cosmos have a reflection manifestation in each of the 5 Density Levels. Planetary systems that appear uninhabited from our Earthly observation most often have complex life fields in some of the other Density Levels.
ETs, Angels and Archangels represent beings who visit our Density-1 Earth from other planets and star systems in the higher dimensional Density Levels. Some visitors emerge from other time continua in our Density-1system.
In our historical use of the terms, an “Angel” is a being with a 6th Dimensional consciousness who emerges from a dimension-6 time continuum of Density-2 and possess semi-etheric, carbon silica biology. Archangels are etheric, crystalline-silica beings with 7th-9th dimensional consciousness who can adopt a variety of manifest forms that emerge from the dimension 7-9 continua of Density-3.
Beings from the 4th dimension are called Astral Beings, and those from dimension 5 Archetypes; both are from Density-2 and have Semi-etheric, carbon-silica biology. Pre-matter, hydroplasmic liquid-silica beings, emerging from the dimension 10-12 time continua of Density-4, who can adopt the manifest form they choose, are called Avatars; those from dimension 12 are called Maharas, or “Christed” Beings. Beings of pure thermoplasmic consciousness from dimensions 13-15, who appear as massive “Suns” or gaseous balls of light, and can manifest in any form they choose, are called Breneau or Solar Rishi.
In contemporary times, the term “ET” is often misused to describe beings visiting from the higher dimensional Density Levels in our Time Matrix. The term “extra-terrestrial” does not clearly identify the variance in matter density, biological make-up, consciousness level and time continua placement of interdimensional beings, nor does this term accurately depict the long history of interrelationship between interdimensional beings and the evolution of humanity on Earth. Though all interdimensional beings are “extra-terrestrial” in that they are not presently of Earths´s life field, the terms “Angelic” or “Inter-time Visitors” more accurately describe their relationship to us.
Beings from the 5 Density Levels in our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix have periodically visited Earth, some to assist humanity in its evolution, others to impede the fulfillment of humanity´s evolutionary objective. Humanity began 56o million years ago as a Density-2 Angelic Human race on Earth´s Density-2 counterpart planet Tara. Since humanity was seeded for evolution in the Earth System 250 million years ago, various factions of interdimensional races have guided and manipulated earth human evolution.
The very foundations of our contemporary scientific, religious, historical and cultural beliefs about the nature of reality, the cosmos, and the human condition have emerged though the direct and intended covert influence of interdimensional visitor races.
The presiding cultural belief that visitors do not exist has been an idea intentionally honed among human civilizations by manipulative interdimensional visitor races and human power elite since the 9558 BC destruction of the Atlantian Islands.”
Excerpt from the Freedom Teachings book “Masters Templar Stewardship Iniciative – Secret of the Amenti star Gates … and the Grail Quest Signet Roundtables” (pages 46-48) – 2001© Easha Ashayana Rights Reserved

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