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The information of this website originates through the author’s superconscious mind(often referred to as the higher self – although each being has more than one higher self), from the Elohim (and Elohei), Seraphei (and Seraphim) orders of guardian angels of space and time and others, and of non-guardian angels (who operate from ‘future’ time periods as well as our present, for whom time and space are experienced as a dynamic flow, nonlinearly, full time travel is available to them), at dimensions 9-12, with ‘guidances’ and embodiment of the guardian and ascended masters collectives who exist outside of our 15 dimensional space-time universe. The process of receiving this information is different from trance channeling, as it is done fully consciously, and this is achieved through electronic data streaming through organic/natural (non-artificial) angelic transmission relays that use hyperspace, that interact, through the superconscious mind of the receiver, with the conscious thought processes, thus cocreating a translation.  [Nonlinear time, information originates from present, slight future and more far future coordinates. Linear time is an experiential illusion – the change of past events is an on-going equation and process. In dimensions beyond ‘normal’ human perception, time is experienced more and more nonlinearly, in higher dimensions. The locations in space and time, in the present and future, where the information originates from, include constellations such as Sirius B (The Emerald Order, The Sirian Council (its various races such as the blue skinned Azurites), The Sirian-Arcturian Alliance), Arcturus (The Arcturian Guardian Collective, The Arcturian Association of Planets and others), Lyra (The Guardian Collective of Lyra-Aramatena, The Lyran Alliance of Planets and others), Orion (The Orion Star League, The Orion Alliance of Planets), Andromeda (The Guardian Collective of Mirach-Andromeda, The Alliance of Planets of Mirach-Andromeda) – all these are part of the Guardian Alliance] +note : this site is a continual work in progress with frequent additions being done.

The information on this site is yet to be fully categorized.


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Lavas ~ Ah Min Yahs

3 thoughts on “Ascension Sciences From Godmind ~

  1. Wow, Im really impressed by this work, what a gem, trully different from anything else. It is quite a journey to go through this info! Thank you so much Cosmic Dolphin for sharing, you just made my day !!! Love Love Love Xxxx

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  2. I´m a long time Kser and just recently (and finally) have I started to truly embody and fully practice the Krystic notions of Omni Love and Synocracy. Guardian material like this one and few other well know that is shared around, are from my Guardian perspective, to be respected, valued, supported and very much appreciated by all. There are no different agendas, only different missions. We are all working and co-creating for the same krystic purpose. Whoever does not understand that yet, still has perhaps a bit more of way to go. My deep respect for your work Cosmic Dolphin and other Guardians on the same mission.

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    1. The only thing that will never limit our perceptions is Love, or Omni Love in this case = ) Love is the only reality that is equally available for everyone = ) Much gratitude for your kind words, Dear Mashaya ~ Effi Love * * *


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