Clearing Personal Timelines

A timeline is a linear sequence through which, all consciousness activity has been accumulated into potentials for probable realities and future expressions. On this planet, when we’re dealing with the construct of timelines, we are dealing with the horizontal mental fields that control what we experience as time moving forward, and that give the illusion of moving from point A to point B. For each person and each group body, there are a series of recorded trigger events, which build up in the linear timeline of multiple consciousness experiences in space. These all conjoin to formulate into the probable outcomes or realities that can exist in a person’s timeline. If we recognize a trigger event in our personal timeline, such as a personal trauma that impacted us negatively, we can go back to that trigger event in time, with the intent to clear out and heal the event and the trauma. This clearing simultaneously changes the present and future timeline into a more positive reality outcome. This is similar to understanding that we have the power to edit our own memories in our personal holographic movie.
To understand the clearing of personal timelines, think of the accumulated emotional experiences that our consciousness has recorded throughout our spiritual blueprint body that translates into our current expression of identity and life experience. All of the accumulated memories that are made up from the consciousness experiences that we have had in space, are then organized into linear sequences of time, and these make up the sum total of our personal timeline and personal identity. What we experience in current time, is the result of all of our accumulated memories throughout space, and that gives form to everything that we are experiencing in this moment.
Although all consciousness memories from all identities are already recorded throughout the Universal timelines in our personal blueprint, when we are in the present moment of awareness, we can change any event or trigger in the personal timelines, by erasing their negative impact upon our consciousness. This changes our blueprint by erasing the negative event in our memories. A negative impact is caused when we have been fractured from pain and soul damage, and we must find and reintegrate our spiritual body pieces that were scattered in that timeline, in order to heal. These spiritual pieces are found and reclaimed during emotional healing by applying unconditional love and forgiveness. In every moment of now, we have the power to change any of our memories recorded throughout time, from the past, present and future. In order to erase the negative impacts, we have to see the truth of what actually caused the trigger event of pain, fear or trauma, and then see how this impacted our thoughts and behaviors in the present time.
When we can see the truth of what really happened (witnessing), then we can truly forgive the events. Through forgiveness of ourselves and others, we reclaim our fractured pieces, and then we can let go of the pain completely. With extreme trauma, it may take several applications of revisiting the trigger event in layers of the trauma, in order to heal a spiritual fracture that finally allows the shift in the personal timeline. Sometimes, this may mean we cast our burden to God, to extract out the areas of the pain, blockage or attachment. When the extraction of layers of negativity occur, we open a new space in our energy field to be filled with our inner spiritual light, thus healing the areas which experienced the hurt and pain.
Throughout the personal timeline, there are different events that have happened in time that impacted our past, present and future versions of probable reality experience. Many of these events have triggered changes of direction in our life. Many times we will need to revisit the event where the pain, trauma and fear based emotions were created in our timeline that negatively impacted our future. Many times these will reveal themselves to be major events that are recorded in the collective consciousness timelines that have impacted the entire human race. Thus, all of humanity shares that same pain that you have experienced in the planet’s recorded memories.
Human beings are actually Time Travelers, and once we develop our Meditation skills and mental focus, we can actually influence and shape time and collective consciousness. We can return back into the timelines to clear out the destructive records or negative impacts of certain events and identities. We may transit entities that we may find are stuck at that particular position in time, along with the parts of ourselves that we have recollected to be reclaimed by the source light. When that negativity is removed, when that pain is erased from the past, it changes the future time and direction for that person or group. When many people in a group are clearing personal timelines, it impacts the collective consciousness timelines recorded in history.
Once we are clear and confident with that understanding, we have the inner knowing that as we dedicate ourselves to serve our highest consciousness, we are able to make influential changes for the highest good of all people. What is truly healing for ourselves, is truly healing for other people. They may not always see that yet, as many times we may be forced to see where darkness has hidden inside of us, in order to come into greater embodiments of light. As we commit to the spiritual path of unity, we are taught how to properly balance that growing energetic power within ourselves, so that we do not abuse that spiritual power. We are constantly being tested in our moral integrity, and then we are given more spiritual power. The power over others that shows itself in the form of manipulation, abuse and brute force on the earth, is not spiritual power. Once we go through processes of spiritual initiation, we are led to develop levels of self-mastery, and as the result, we earn certain morals and spiritual ethics, which become an integrated part of us. These Virtues and ethical qualities become inseparable from the way we direct our energies throughout the timelines of our consciousness experience. Sometimes, we may get to a certain stage in which we need to learn a spiritual lesson, to develop a higher ethic, or to develop a higher skill-set of self-mastery, in order to continue growing on the path of shifting timelines.
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6 thoughts on “Clearing Personal Timelines

  1. Yes, wether we like or not, time is a constant in this manifested experience~ this means that in between understanding a higher Truth and actually get to embody it, there needs to be the experience, which means the movement of that energy through the layers of time~ thus healing and embodiment/integration requires time to happen~ if everything would happen instantaneously there would be no need to experience anyhting at all~

    So, to enjoy at least a bit of one self in~between such~journeys~ nothing like a good music to keep the flow going~


  2. Thank you for this post. I´m a devoted follower of energetic synthesis and it´s impressive how Lisa can translate so well most of the times what´s going on on a collective mind level. At least I speak for myself, most of the times it´s really spot on! I would like to share a link here that although with very simple steps, I believe might be of great help to traverse this hardcore moments that we go through at this times. All the love, Namaste

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    1. True, I think I can also speak for myself most of times. It´s also impressive the right timing and connection of information and all things, thank you so much for that sharing = ) Just yesterday I was exactly trying to apply the same methods in my daily routine, so that I dont allow my self and mind to “fall” again into the trauma memory that I still hold relating to some events in my life, wether they are related to me personally only, wether to group mind, etc. ~ If things would be that easy in this all process, lol ~ Certainly they are not, but with some good heart intent and effort we can understand how important it is to understand so that we too can be understood and vice~versa ~ Its all about knowing how to find the right support too when we are going through such times, which might also not always be easy. So, yes, it´s this type of little things and sharings that allows to know we are not the only ones moving through this and helps us to keep moving forward, slowly but steadly. And as so well stated in one of that steps ~ allowing the Divine to intervene ~ the Divine always takes care of everything in Divine Righ Time Divine Right Order ~ That has been one of the greatest lessons I have been embodying lately ~ So, first taking good care of myself as well give myself the support Im not able to recieve or find in the outside~ and all the rest will simply follow, such as my giving too~ Again, gratitude and so much Love and Blessings in your Journey, Ah Min Yahs * * *


      1. Allow me just to add one sharing too ~ Obviously Assistence is always given by our ascension group teams if we request it ❤ One journey that I always use when things can get really hard is the “Journey to the ARI-ARhAYas AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom” that is presented in the Keylontic/Tantri-ahura Teachings webpage. I don´t know if you are familiar with them, but I think it might be of amazing great help if you or who ever ressonates with it ❤ Blessings


      2. Yes, I´m already familiar with those journeys as well in general with Keylontic Science and the Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings. In fact, both paradigms (Energetic Synthesis & Arhayas Productions) end up complementig one another in a certain way, at least it works wonders for me. Respect for who only ressonates with one or the other, but I have to say that´s really not my case. So, thank you for sharing that as well, it can indeed be a great and complementary tool of help too.

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