A way to increase your frequency completely

1. Stand in a wide space, in-doors or out-doors, would be good if it is a secluded natural place.2. Raise your arms and hands to the side, to horizontal position, straight, with palms directed towards the ground, fingers straight, slightly apart.3. While holding this position, begin spinning your body in a clockwise direction in the same place, without changing location, at a medium speed, and during spinning, breathe 24 times deeply through the nose. 4. After you have done 24 breaths, come to a complete stand-still, and place your hands, arms across your chest and take 3 very slow deep breaths.5. Raise your hands and arms again to horizontal position, this time, direct your palms towards the sky. Start spinning, this time, in a counter-clockwise direction, and breathe 24 deep breaths through the nose, again.6. After the 24 breaths, come to a complete halt and repeat step number 4. You have unlocked 24-48-dimensional energy (pure, timeless, spaceless). The amount of breaths  determines the frequency of energy that unlocks.The next time you do this, increase the amount of breaths to 36, the next time after that, 48, then 64  (you can do this many times in a row, increasing the amount of breaths). A good high number to use is 128 breaths, although it may be a bit challenging to the shoulders. Increase the amount of breaths per spinning, equally for both the clockwise and counterclockwise parts, and make sure you do both spins. This exercise activates, expands, balances your aura, and increases the frequency of all of your aura layers and all of the bodies that do the exercise in the higher dimensions also. The physical body’s motions tend to be done by the astral and etheric body also. This exercise will make your presence undetectable to lower frequency situations in this and other dimensions.Use this at least twice a day to increase your physical body’s frequency if you wish, it is wise to keep the number of breaths above 23. 

Source: Ascension Sciences from Godmind ~ http://godmindhyperspace.weebly.com/



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