Bio-Regenesis Techniques

Bio-Regenesis is a term that refers to a set of Technologies and Tools that assist us in accelerating our expansion of consciousness through the natural, gentle stimulation of the personal DNA Template, Kundalini ENERGIES, Chakras and Merkaba VEHICLE.
Bio-Regenesis techniques are built upon the foundations of Keylonta MORPHOGENETIC SCIENCE and advanced Scalar MECHANICS, as understood by races of higher evolution and taught as “Common Knowledge” within the Ascension Schools of Pre-Ancient advanced human cultures and were utilized as standard practice in pre-ancient time periods.
Bio-Regenesis Technologies are SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS OF CONSCIOUS ENERGY DIRECTION WITHIN THE MANIFESTATION TEMPLATE OF THE BODY that stimulate into activity dormant portions of the personal Manifestation Template, which allows for a natural progressive and accelerated advancement of the personal ORGANIC EVOLUTIONARY BLUEPRINT of the 12th dimensional Omni-polar Pre-matter Template.
Bio-Regenesis Technologies simultaneously create subtle, natural acceleration within the interwoven energy systems of the DNA Template, Chakra System, Merkaba Fields, Kundalini Energies, higher dimensional consciousness, and “Subtle Energy Body” anatomy.
(Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative.. – Page 12) 
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