Psonns on the Piano

~ ~ ~ Beautiful Psonns on the Piano ~ ~ ~ ~ 22.08.2017 ~ Ty User999 ♡


8.8.8. Gift ☼ Ascensionary Codes with Music ~ This Codes are part of the AMCC-MCEO Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings as Translated by Speaker E´Asha Ashayana Arhayas ~ ~ All Rights Reserved @ ~  ~ ~ ~ Happy Ascensions = ) ~ ~ ~ ♡

Light Language ૐ

Sound manifested in the form of Music or light language/mantras/tones, are as well extremely important to use regularly for the good mantainance, for the healing and activation of our energy~ Many scientifical studies have been made already in this field too showing how sound can through its harmonized or distorted recreation/vibration modify particles into different geometrical … Continue reading Light Language ૐ

LOVE POTION- The Magical Elixer of Transformation

Crystalai Crystal Magic White Magic was a scientific formula used by Alchemists that utilized Consciousness within various portions of the Universe to heal or create through transformational Alchemy. Crystalai has been trained by the great Alchemist in the Sky-- the Elohim of Hearing-- how to create the Cosmic Elixer of Frequencies of Light and … Continue reading LOVE POTION- The Magical Elixer of Transformation