Light Language ૐ

Sound manifested in the form of Music or light language/mantras/tones, are as well extremely important to use regularly for the good mantainance, for the healing and activation of our energy~ Many scientifical studies have been made already in this field too showing how sound can through its harmonized or distorted recreation/vibration modify particles into different geometrical … Continue reading Light Language ૐ


Human Angelic History

Note 1 (personal): Part of this Information wont be completely understood without reading first Freedom Teachings Books, so if doubts appear along the reading know that the missing links can be found there * * *  Monday, November 25, 2013 Krystalai: The Entire Human Angelic History – Entire Human Angelic History — HUMAN ANGELIC HISTORY PART TWO   … Continue reading Human Angelic History

Cosmic Ascensional Music ☆ Crystal Magic Orquestra

Crystal Magic Orchestra's music is Cosmic Future Holographic Revelationary Music. Crystal Magic Orchestra's music is way beyond avant-garde, breakthrough and cutting-edge because our Cosmic Future Holographic Revelationary Music expresses out from and resonates with a New Reality that has NEVER been here before. Avant-garde, breakthrough and cutting-edge all are in reference to something that has … Continue reading Cosmic Ascensional Music ☆ Crystal Magic Orquestra