Charging/Recharging, Grounding and High Frequency DNA Activation

Charging/Recharging, Grounding and High Frequency DNA Activation
Place your left palm onto your solar plexus and your right palm onto the back of your head where the skull meets the neck. Focus into the body’s sensations and feeling, float inside your body’s consciousness,
With hands in this position, breathe very deep breaths through the nose (keep the tongue touching the top part of the mouth, near the teeth and the teeth in relaxed contact with one another  for as long as feels good (it may feel good for many minutes, perhaps to an hour), and then switch hands, breathe deeply the same waym for as long as feels good. While it is not essential to do a third round of this breathing, this would be done with the hands like they were placed in the first part. Doing several rounds (each time switching the hands) is good also, although beware of discomfort due to oversaturation of this energy, and stop when the feeling is that it is not needed to continue breathing this way.
This kind of breathing opens and activates an infinity sign shaped hyperspace portal with the center at the heart chakra area in the center of the chest, saturates the physical body with energies from hyperspace (higher than 15 dimensional, with each breath, the energy unlocked is higher and higher frequency). Doing this balances the chakras and merkaba field spin rates, spin directions (the tip down spins counterclockwise and the tip up spins clockwise, faster than tip down). It will deepen connection to innerspace, hyperspace, while retaining physical body focus, and it will imrpove intuitive direct cognition/thoughts-feelings transference from soul, higher self. The ability to see intuitive visions may increase.
Source: Ascension Sciences from Godmind ~ 

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