Inner Sound Healing

Crystal Ring of Power

1.Prime your Vertical Pillar by sending a spark of your consciousness / mini self, into the God Space.

2.Breath Pure White God Source energy into your Crystal Ring of Power at the base of your collar bone to strengthen the energy you can access for healing in the moment.

3.On next Inhale breathe into your Crystal Ring of Power, use the Exhale breath to move your Crystal Ring of Power down to the plane of chakras 1 & 2. (This is the plane of the hologram we see as manifest matter).

4.Inhale and Exhale into your Crystal Ring of Power and notice that it begins to spin. It does not matter which direction it spins and the spin direction will most likely be different in each healing session as your Crystal Ring of Power is a “Live, Conscious” part of you and knows what it needs to do in each session you connect for healing and co-creation.

5.Notice or imagine that as your Crystal Ring of Power spins sparks of light begin to shine forth and spread throughout the inside of your physical body. Each spark of light holds specific sound tones that are keyed to you.

6.Mentally connect with your Emotional Body (Inner Child) and speak / think as if you are speaking to a child with loving, caring thoughts. Tell your Inner Child that you are now going to heal your Inner Child with more love.

7.Mentally request your Crystal Ring of Power to transmute the lower vibrating thought patterns that are stored within your emotional-phsycial body.

8.Watch – Listen – Imagine – Pretend; as your Crystal Ring of Power spins see the sparks and tones transmute more stored chunks of coal (imbalanced thoughts) and vaporize them to allow them to move out of your physical / emotional body.

9.Listen for responses from your Inner Child as your Inner Child may have things to let you know about this process. Always offer comforting, loving, reassuring thoughts to your Inner Child.

10.When you have reached the point of experiencing as much healing as you can in that session, your Crystal Ring of Power will slow down the spin process and come to a halt, waiting further instructions from you.

11.Thank your Inner Child for connecting with you to co-create more healing for your selves and offer assurance that you will continue more healing in the future.

12.You can either give instruction to your Crystal Ring of Power to return to the home location or simply enjoy the soft, gentle moments and it will do so of its own accord. Always offer thanks and gratitude for the co-creation of healing. Be gentle and loving with yourself and allow your energetic body time to rebalance before moving about.



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