Freedom Teachings Dictionary 1

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Based entirely upon the Guardian Alliance’s Freedom Teachings and the work of Ashayana Deane

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Note:  Ascension Planetary Status is now Changed and Up-dated. Formal Speaker 1 Easha Arhayas is now Translating Higher Version of the Teachings from Krystal Plates via Krystal Cosminyahs Core Councils. The New Teachings Orientation and Up-dated Ascensional Process is now being done Via Alhumbhra Cathedral Stargate Passages into Internal Creation. Emerald Covenant has also been Up-graded to Alhumbhra Covenant. And We as a Collective are no longer Ascending to Tara, but rather Inscending to Internal Planes of Creation. Another Voyagers 3 is expected to come out in order to explain this new Ascensional Hosting called Krystal River Mission Fail Safe HostKRFSH. For more info please visit ARhAyas Productions