& Krystal River Prayer ღ

“The E-LAi-sa AL-Hum-Bhra-Aquareion Krystal River Prayer and Invocation, of the E-LAi-sa Silver Seed Councils and the GA-AMCC-MCEO, for Silver Seed Krystal River Plasma Host and Amplification.

©E’Asha Ashayana 4/8/2013, Part of the Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings – The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry™ 2012-2013 ARhAyas Productions
This technique sequence facilitates anchoring of the E-LAi-sa Silver Seed Krystal River Plasma Host and the 15 Heliochroic Krystar Core Flow Currents, as introduced in the April 2013 Sarasota workshop. These frequencies are core Sun-8 plasmas, the strongest we have ever worked with at the time of release
This new sequence includes the Prayer of E-LAi-sa, the Prayer of AL-Hum-Bhra, the Silver Seed Krystal River Prayer, the Krysta-Ajha Declarium, the Prayer of the DhA-ya-TEi and the Song of ARhAyas. The AL-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Code is also included for optical pineal induction.
This technique sequence can be used as often as you like for amplification of these currents following the initial activation.
ARhAyas Productions – April 2013 – New Prayer Sequence (PDF) “
Source and Rights Reserved @ ARhAyas Productions 
For audios you can listen here:
Prayer of E-LAi-sa
Prayer of AL-Hum-Bhra
Krystal River Prayer
Krysta-Ajha Declarium
Prayer of the DhA-ya-TEi ~ Ultimate Desire
Song Of ARhAyas