Krystal River Prayer

“This Prayer facilitates anchoring of the E-LAi-sa Silver Seed Krystal River Plasma Host and the 15 Heliochroic Krystar Core Flow Currents. These frequencies are core Sun-8 plasmas, the strongest we have ever worked with at the time of release.

The Silver Seed Krystal River Prayer 

(Sah-sa-jhu-A` Um-sa`-TA Rei-ha-VA`-ah UN Krys-ta`-LO)

DE-va` en-TUr`-A E`-Sta-en-taO
Rei-ha-VA`-ah UN-Krys-ta`-`LO
E-Rha`-HO e-Te-na Ha`-VA
e-TU-TO`-RA en-cha`-hA NU`-vO-et-TA en-Ta-rO
SE`-va blen`-A OOUr-tU en-Ka`-LA
DA-hE-Ta`-VA et-ur-TA-Dha E`LAi-sa AL-Hum-Bhra
DA-hE-NE`-va A-sa-Lah`-sO en-DU-e`thra Don Aquari
DA-hE-U`r-tO tra-DE`-Lha Ur-en-Ta`-RO de`-Ha`ah-TUr

Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta DhA-yah-TUUN E`LAI-sa-VE`
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta ALLum-uur AL-Hum-Bhra-VA`
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta en-ta-HU`m UN-KrystalA
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta Aquious
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta AquaFarE
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta Aquari
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta Ha`ah-TUr
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta AdonA`
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta EyanA`
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta Eieyani` Ma`a Hoo-et-A
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta oo-Sha` LA`-zun dU Rho-szet`-TA
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta Mashaya-Hana Aqueion
Cum-sa-A`-HO DUr-e-TA`-ta Ute-AurorA`

Bhendi -Aah-jha et-tu E`LAi-sa Al-Hum-Bhrus
Bhendi- Dur`O -ah-MA`-Jha Ute-AurorA Aqueion
Bhendi-Ha`-LA E-Sha-NU`-a Ute-AurorA Aqueion
Bhendi-Ra-MA` Ra-tha-jhen-tU Ute-AurorA Aqueion

Bring forth now the Krystal River of Eternal 1st Creation
Bring forth now the Healing Waters of the Edons Umshaddhi
Bring forth now the Gentle Wind-Song of the Sacred Yunasun
Bring forth here the Radiant Starlight of the Eternally StarBorn

Let the Krystal River Flow unto my doorstep
Let the Krystal River cleanse and heal my Soul
May the Krystal River Love-Song All-Embracing
Emerge now from my Krysted Krystal Core to softly call me HOME!

De-va`-en-TUr`-A E`-Sta-en-taO Rei-ha-VA`-ah UN-Krys-ta`-LO x3

Ashalum-Ta-Eckasha DUr x3

This Prayer is part of the entire Krystal River Prayer ღ Sequence used for Plasma Body Host Amplification, please see ARhAyas Productions – April 2013 – New Prayer Sequence (PDF)
Source and Rights Reserved @ ARhAyas Productions