Maharic Seal

Due to energetical distortions that are still ocurring within our Universal Matrix, is recommended by the Guardian Councils that the Plasma Body Activation Journeys are completed in chronological order before completing any other previous techniques, journeys or workshops from Keylontic Science – Freedom Teachings. So, that includes simple Maharic Seal or Eckasha Maharic Seal.
voyagers03 (1)The Maharic Seal technique is a keystone tool of such importance that it is made freely available to all. Like all MCEO techniques and tools, the Maharic Seal is grounded firmly in Universal Unified Field Physics, ancient Merkaba mechanics and Matter Template Science (aka the Divine Blueprint). These techniques are known as Bio-Regenesis Technologies that were once common knowledge, taught in the pre-ancient Ascension Schools of advanced Human cultures, and regarded as standard, as well as essential, daily practice.
The Maharic Seal, like all Bio-Regenesis Technologies, implies specific application of conscious energy directed to, and within, the core manifestation template of the body. This technique directly activates the specific mathematical-geometrical relationship within, and between, the Angelic Human and planetary, organic, evolutionary blueprint, utilizing the pre-matter hydroplasmic frequencies of the 10th, 11th and 12th Dimension Mahara Current.
The Maharic Current was fully re-anchored on this planet for the first time in over 210,000 years, at the GRU-AL point, Sarasota USA, Signet 2 of the Planetary Templar Grid, on January 1st 2000. During the first 12 months or so after this time, the 6-pointed pale Silver Star or Hierophant was used in the Maharic Seal exercise. This symbol represents the electro-tonal program for the 11th and 12th Dimensional aspects of the Universal Kathara Grid. When we use this Hierophant Symbol in the Maharic Seal exercise, we trigger the activation of the dormant 11th and 12th frequencies within Earth’s and our own bio-fields. When we trigger the activation of these frequencies, we can begin the process of resetting the Original Divine Blueprint within our entire energy structure, DNA template and physical body. The Maharic Current is also the all important carrier wave for all the symbols and tones used in all subsequent exercises.
As more and more Humans worked with the Hierophant and the Maharic Seal during the year 2000, the 11th and 12th dimensional frequency-holding capacity of the Earth and of Humans increased. This allowed us to use more and more complex forms of the 6-pointed Hierophant symbol in the exercise. For example, instead of visualizing the 6-pointed star, we visualized a 12-pointed star. As a consequence, we brought more and more Maharic current into our bio-fields, and were then able to use the image of 24-pointed stars, then 48-pointed stars and even 144-pointed stars. This, in turn, triggered higher and higher levels of activation of the Maharic current within the planets and our own bio-fields. Then, during another momentous occasion in 2001, Indigos and Humans helped anchor the next level of frequency called the Eckasha into the planetary energy bio-field.
. Begin the process of activating the 8th thru 12th chakras of the personal Kathara Grid.
. Assist the opening of the Crystal Seals in the body (which otherwise block DNA activation).
. Open the Planetary Bio-Feed Interface within the personal body, enabling the body vehicle to become a truly effective tool for lasting planetary grid and sacred site work.
. Trigger DNA Template activations which progressively and automatically activate the full 12 dimensional Merkaba.
. Enable healing facilitators to transmit 12D frequency sub-harmonics, providing more powerful, longer lasting, often permanent, healing facilitation -free of personal and client energetic field distortions.
. Protect users from disharmonic energies associated with Healing, Astral and Dream Time projection, and other potential sources of field encroachment/infiltration
. Assist “Indigo Type 3¨ children (administered via parent).
. Amplify results of all spiritually focused activity.
. Harmonize personal and environmental energies.
. Create Morphogenetic Re-Patterning, clearing Karmic/ Miasmic Imprints, which otherwise block DNA template activation and the attainment of true consciousness expansion and full embodiment of the Christos Principle.
. Realign, revitalize and regenerate all aspects of the physical and Subtle-Energy Body Systems.
. Prepare and equip practitioners to receive and hold the increasing flow of higher frequency energies flowing into the Planetary Grids and personal morphogenetic fields arising from the intensifying Stellar Activations Cycle now under way (2000 – 2913).
. When regularly practicing the Eckasha Maharic Seal, the supply of high frequency energy that can be drawn into our bio-fields from the Planetary Maharic Shield is limited only by our own energy holding capacity. Our frequency-holding capacity can be progressively increased with consistent use of the Eckasha Maharic Seal as well as other recommended Keylontic Science technologies.
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