Plasma Body Activation

We are 15dimensional beings existing in a 15dimensional time matrix. This Matrix and this Planet have been completely distorted from its Original Krysted State of Existence, but it is now starting its Healing and Ascensionary Process. So, it is important to know that activation of the Plasma Body facilitates Full Biological harmonization with the Current Planetary Ascension Process. Activation of the Plasma Body is further capable of fully regnerating our External Light Body distortions ( our 15 dimensional Auric Field)  and beyond. Plasma Body makes direct connection to Internal Planes of Creation where energetical distortions can not exist. It is therefore recommended by the Krystic Guardian Councils to complete this Journeys in order to Fully activate the Plasma Body and be fully protected against any potential external energetical problems.

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 Ascension Earth & the 900 years of Krystal River Fail-Safe Host ~ ~ ~

Personal Note: I suggest for ascension starters to go for the August 2012 and January 2013 journeys first. Also use Krystal River Prayer ღ to assist/amplify the Process ღ Much LUV ~ Ah Min Yahs ~ ~ ~ * * * 


“Free Techniques

It is recommended that the below techniques are completed in chronological order before completing any other journeys or workshops. 

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