Prayer of E-LAi-sa

“This Prayer facilitates anchoring of the E-LAi-sa Silver Seed Krystal River Plasma Host and the 15 Heliochroic Krystar Core Flow Currents. These frequencies are core Sun-8 plasmas, the strongest we have ever worked with at the time of release.”

Ur-A ShU`-du E`LAi-sa Al-Hum-Bhra

Don-et`-ta-LAi SUUN-jha`-dra-du

E-sta-en-taO Du-Rhu jha-MEi-Na

Aah-La-sa SUN-pe-ta` A-Lah-VA

Los-TE-La E`Lah-Ho Khu-mah-na en-LE`-Ta jha`-DU

E`LAi-sa SUn-ta`-A Ah-Mei-Ta jhen-TU – x3

This Prayer is part of the entire Krystal River Prayer ღ Sequence used for Plasma Body Host Amplification, please see ARhAyas Productions – April 2013 – New Prayer Sequence (PDF)
Source and Rights Reserved @ ARhAyas Productions