Sacred Psonns

With Freedom Teachings I´ve learned that Anuhazi is the first Language spoken in this Time Matrix. One small transcription from Engaging the Gods Languages, by Ashayana Dean:
“There are songs in Anuhazi (Psonns) that you can sing to neutralize the neurological structures of an attacker. Language can activate or shut down DNA. Our languages keep us trapped. The Anuhazi language sounds can set protection grids and key a room from the astral plane. You can use Anuhazi to activate D-12 frequency and bring it quickly into the body. The phrase Um Sha-Di`UR`A` ah Khum` Tun blows open your connection to your Kristos level. Use for protection and problem solving. Groups can sit and tone and then project that energy for healing. (…) They are words here, but in the Morphogenetic Field they are programs, literal programs that direct how certain things are going to work in the Morphogenetic Field. If you are taught that you can not control your DNA, you are sending a thought pattern into your Morfogenetic field that stops you from affecting your DNA. This is how powerful your thoughts are. Thought is the substance you are going to be using in Keylontic Morphogenetic Science.”
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