Solutions for Overcoming Unwanted Presences in Higher Dimensions

Here are some commands to keep repeating until effect discerned (I have done this to myself, received it from my own higher mind, they may take several minutes to half an hour to apply for each command, they will be part of a book full of much information from the beings I associate with. The detail level is going to increase, although not ridiculously):

Solutions for overcoming unwanted presences in higher dimensions and realm types (only suggestions, not mandatory, although highly recommended):

Use with your own wording or with mine, or as a simple command – example – “higher self, do this now”.

Ask your higher self to permanently teleport all of your bodies from vulnerable realm constructs and realms into immutably pure, inaccessible by fallen beings, realm constructs and realms, permanently. It will be done momentarily, although it will take about 15 minutes or more. The key is to stay out of all vulnerable realms and constructs, always. Consider the Dreamtime realms and constructs too (Dreamtime is a mixture or blend type of astral+mental+near-astral/real-time astral within the Earth sentience and in the sentience of your nervous system, somewhat different in configuration to out of body travel in the astral planes).  Command your higher self to place all of your bodies from local dreamtime realities to global superconscious dreamtime realities connected to Earth sentience, and to keep all of your bodies out from small, nonexpansive, non-uniting dreamtime realities always, permanently from now on.

Command your higher self to convert all of your physical and nonphysical bodies’ vortex structures to permanently and completely function based on the square root of 2 spiral geometries and structures, and on immutably pure forms of godmind hyperspace/timeless and spaceless/infinite energy/consciousness unity matrix plasma geometries, excluding all forms of artificial light/false light spirals and geometries of all kinds permanently.

Command your/higher/self to convert all of your axiatonal lines’ and chakras’ and kathara/tree of light grid spheres and grid lines and grid nodal points of all kinds coding of all bodies, color values and geometries and timeline/reality portal alignments thereof into permanent and complete square root of 2 spiral based, immutably pure hyperspace/energy matrix plasma based colors, tones, alignments and geometries, neutralizing and permanently canceling out all polaric/dualistic colors, alignments and tones existent in individual reality. (the specificity and magnanimousness of the commands is fully adhered to by the assistants, personal medical team and higher self – the tools have been regained, and are stored in the one infinite creator – can no longer be stolen). All bodies have their own auras and organs of light, sound and consciousness, as well as a general aura, quantum field. This means that the commands work best if all bodies are included in the specifics of the commands, simply by using ‘of all bodies’.

 If this is felt, you can maintain these commands in effect by using them more than once and even regularly in use, until you feel they work fully. Ask all of your bodies and self aspects to never visit vulnerable realm constructs of any realmic type, for safety, at least, not in a vulnerable state of any kind. If required, you can command your higher self to prevent your existence in vulnerable/visitable by fallen beings constructs and realms, always keeping all of your bodies despite of state, in the non-vulnerable realms and realm constructs. Realm constructs are sub-realms within realm types, that are litreally floating in astral, mental space, and have their own local eco-system and reality structure and also gravity field (some of the sub realms are spherical, others are like multidimensional mathematical constructs or mazes that mostly depend on the dimensional placement for their laws of physics and geometry), of which the background is the larger astral or mental plane that it is created in (looks like a background panorama, of a place in nature or otherwise). There are many, many different astral and mental realms and subrealms in many dimensions/full frequency bands just as there are many physical ones in the various multiple dimensions of space and time. Every being has their own astral and mental realm constructs, some of which float in the larger astral or mental realm frequency band they have been created to exist in. Note that astral realm type, just like physical, is also at least 15-dimensional, as are all other dimensionalized realmic types such as mental (lower, middle and higher mental), and causal, buddhic, monadic, divine planes. You can command your higher self to convert all of your realmic constructs, your realms, into immutably pure realms and realm constructs (regardless of realm and construct type, even physical realms and constructs of yours, both collective and individual ones). Besides realm types there also exist types of realms that are mixtures of each realm type. For example – between physical and astral there exist semi-astral planes that have laws of physics that are similar to both physical and astral. There are also physical-mental, astral-mental, and many others. New types of realms are being created as the healing of the consciousness grids of this multiverse, universe, galaxy and planet are being accelerated, due to the re-attaining of the highest level of consciousness based thoughtform tools (neutrality, unity, true light, nonartificial, nondual light, sound, color utilizing tools that use the benefits of the keys to all realms – I command respectfully of free will, my and your higher selves to teleport all of your past stolen tools and keys, karma storing objects, positive karmas that were stolen from you, and belief system cores that were stolen from you, into present time and zero time, one infinite creator godmind hyperspace realms, where you with your consent can intend and command their use, the tools and keys, that truly belong to you, increase your ability to operate in and outside the dimensions of time and space freely and in ways that your heart so desires).

You can also command your higher self to assign your chakras 1-7 and or all chakras to function permanently non-polarically in terms of their colors. Below is a comparison between the polaric and the nonpolaric scale of dimensions. The polaric tones for chakras 1-7 are not at all bad, although they do have duality in them (between light and dark). The first 7 dimensions at their basic do function according to those colors very generally speaking, although the nonpolaric colors give the ability to maintain total groundedness in unity, while maintaining balance between physical/emotional/mental/spiritual focus. There is nothing inherently wrong with the polaric colors, although vulnerable realms and constructs function according to those colors and also according to dark/reverse frequencies, which are steered clear through energetic and physical clearing and cleansing of the effective kind, achieved through regular salt water drinking, salt water baths, lime and lemon (organic non-GMO) water and nonwater diluted juices drinking – all of these as a possible substitute for food altogether if the body is ready (and as a transition to foodless waterless way of life, if ready, living on the substances that the higher energies of unity/neutrality/trinity manifest into the physical and other bodies), or as a means to do a cleansing fast for at least 8 days, which can be used as a way to transition into freedom from outside forms of sustenance, through believing, intending and or asking your higher self to upgrade your physical and other bodes accordingly, in nonlinear/zero time, using the keys to all realms (by now returned to your higher self), and the tools that truly belong to you.  You can come up with your own specific commands to your own higher self.



Source: Ascension Sciences from Godmind ~



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