Thought Awareness Exercise


It can be next to impossible to reprogram our body with the positive thoughts we desire to experience if we do not pay any attention to the thoughts that are flowing through us.

Have you ever encountered a moment when you said, “oh, I wasn’t thinking”? We all do that, we leap before we look or act before we think about what we are doing. It might sound pretty simple to become thought aware but there is much more going on within our body than most of us are aware of.

What has to occur in our body for it to keep functioning? Every blink of the eye, every move the body makes, the blood flowing through it and all of the auto responses we take for granted occur because of auto pilot thoughts instructing the body how to function.

Unless we are dealing with a physical body issue we do not have to stop and think about sitting, standing, walking, raising our arm, scratching our nose, knowing when it is time to empty the bladder or any of the millions of things the body simply does “naturally”. The body is designed to work like a well oiled machine for as long as it can even healing itself constantly as long as it is able to.

Unless you are dealing with a body part that is not functioning correctly there is no need to spend time focusing on the seemingly natural functions of the body but it is necessary to understand that our beliefs and emotional responses create auto pilot thoughts or program the body as well.

Our original body form is not a dense matter biological body form but the fragmented consciousness of earth have had to re-evolve through a biological form even though it is much denser than it should be. Our original holographic body form expression is a Light Body and we are healing back into wholeness to be able to create our own Light Body expression again but for now we need to focus on healing what we are dealing with as much as we can.

Our thoughts and beliefs work kind of like a GPS navigational system for our body instructing the cells, atoms and molecules how they should function to work together to ensure we only become aware of the energetic thoughts that will support out thoughts and beliefs.

Simply because everyone that births into the earth system experiences complete memory wipe when doing so the body is pretty much like a clean slate to be programmed except for the programming it inherits from the biological parents that set the “natural functions” in motion.

We do not know what anything is, we are not able to walk or talk and must rely on someone to take care of our needs and keep us alive within the hologram. Considering that we are all older than ancient souls to suddenly find yourself in an environment where you know nothing and cannot accomplish anything for yourself is a rather traumatic experience. Personally, the baby body experience is not something I desire to experience again anytime soon.

Babies do retain a bit of memory and a bit of higher sense abilities for awhile after birthing into the hologram but the programming they encounter can quickly turn off even those few memories rather quickly. More and more will birth into the hologram carrying more memory with them simply because as the energy of Source continues to increase more consciousness will be able to plug into the collective thought pool.
The earth body begins the process of being programmed as soon as it births into the hologram. Of course no one has been able to remember any of this truth so how could anyone know what is occurring via the process of raising a child within the earth system?

Because a child body is like a clean slate it is also like a sponge and the embodied consciousness wants to know and experience all of it yesterday. That is why children ask so many questions that can irritate adults because they know nothing and desire to know it all.

We experience the same hologram because we are plugged into the collective thought pool which allows us to share our thoughts. We share our lives with each other, those we love and become a part of our lives, those who are simply passing through by plugging into the same stream of thoughts patterns; even so, we “only” experience our thoughts “within our self”.

A child learns by watching, hearing and feeling their environment. They can either learn how to love or how not to love. A child is innocent and will believe anything they are programmed with simply because they have no reason not to.

It continues to be necessary for biological parents to combine their base magnetic and base electrical energy to create a body form that the incoming consciousness can birth into which means we pick up the programming of the biological parents. It is not yet “turned on” and running on auto pilot when first birthing into the hologram, if it were we would be able to speak straight out of the womb but it is gradually turned on as we have the life experience.

The human body grows from infant to adult via the process of energy accretion and yes, part of that process is via consuming food, which is consuming energy. That is what is partly meant by the fact that the fragmented earth consciousness has had to “re-accrete” their energy via a biological form because the biological form allows us to draw to us and “consume” energy.

The consciousness of a full grown adult could not fit into a human baby body, it would blow the body up. The biological mother would not be able to grow a body form that a full grown human could fit into as it would blow the mother up. When we can realize that it is all energy then it becomes much easier to understand these simple things.

Absolutely everything we encounter in our life on earth is programming that is coded within the body form and simply because no one has been able to remember the truth they have not been able to be aware of what thoughts our experiences program within the body.

The body records every thought, every experience we encounter and the brain uses those stored thought memories to create the images we see inside the brain that we think is outside of us as the hologram. If the brain encounters a thought that the body has not been programmed to store a memory of then we do not know what that thing is until someone tells us. The brain has no reference point for it so it will show us the symbol but we have no clue what it is.

But we “feel” and if we encounter something and we do not know what it is and those around us express negative or fearful emotional energy about it then our body registers that “thought feeling” and associates it with that symbol.

Simply because we are plugged into the collective pool of thoughts and we are energy receivers and transmitters we program our body with every thought we encounter. It may be a thought feeling, it may be a thought sound, it may be a thought smell or taste and it may be a thought touch but it is all stimuli that programs thoughts into the body.

The chemical toxins of the imbalanced hologram program the atoms and cells that they are under constant attack and they need to work to keep the body alive. Our body is literally ensconced within a sphere of energy that could be considered a toxic waste dump and not simply because of the waste created by artificial technology or the known chemical toxins but because this hologram is a hologram of biological death and as biological matter decays it creates methane that swirls throughout the hologram.

That is why space science looks for signs of methane in their space explorations, they are not looking for life when doing so, they are looking for signs of death which they “believe” implies life.
So, we are set up with tons of programming in our body before we even reach the age of entering into the indoctrination of the scholastic system where we are further programmed to become good citizens who can function as told within the earth paradigm not to mention the programming of the cultural and religious beliefs of the region we birth into.

We encounter the harsh reality of a seemingly cruel and uncaring world at least by the time we enter into the school system and we experience all of these dreadful emotions that we have no clue how to deal with. Think about all of these things and then look at the world hologram, is it any wonder the masses act as they do? It is a miracle that anyone is still able to express the love of Source which just goes to show you how strong the love of Source really is.

If we chose to birth into a region that allows for it we might be told as a child we can do and be anything we desire when we grow up but then we discover that really is not true once we grow up. If we chose to birth into a region that is held within battlefield conflict then we learn very quickly what it means to try to survive.

So not only do we suck in all of the experiences we personally encounter but we also experience (see, hear) the thoughts of the world paradigm especially with “advanced technology” that pipes it into our awareness.
Our thoughts are like a conveyor belt plugged into the collective pool of thoughts, they keep circulating into the pool and back into us. Think about your own life experience and all of the imbalanced experiences you have encountered, those thoughts continue to circulate through the collective thought pool. That is why it has taken so long for the fragmented consciousness of earth to reach this point of healing and if it were not for the continued faces of Source carrying the energy of Source into the fragmented Sub-Conscious mind the masses that became trapped would have experienced complete fragmentation a long time ago.

Because thoughts continue to circulate through the collective pool of thoughts history has continued to repeat itself over and over again and some of it is out picturing in different ways yet again through the same masses who have continued to do so for thousands of years.

There is no way one face of Source can heal all of the imbalanced thoughts held within this distorted hologram but that is not the goal, the goal is for the consciousness that can heal to reach a high enough point of energy accretion that they can merge back into their Source Conscious Mind and then embody into the healed expression of the hologram if they desire. That goal has finally been met but this hologram as it expresses cannot be healed even though it can become more balanced if enough of the masses continue to desire to simply express as love with every breath they take.

But we can assist our self to heal and in doing so offer the same healing to the collective via the balanced thoughts we send into the collective pool of thoughts while at the same time “reprogramming” our body to override imbalanced auto pilot thoughts.

What do we think about, what comments automatically come from us? Personally, dealing with whole body pain for over 16 years has created auto pilot thoughts within my body to express in any number of ways the discomfort of the pain. Would seem like a natural reaction that most likely anyone would express but I have healed to realize that such thoughts continue to keep the pain in motion. There is no use in denying what we are feeling or experiencing because denial is the process of pushing it away from our self instead of being consciously aware of it and the loving it.

So, the first thing we must do to create new programming for the body is to become aware of the programming the body is running and we do that by becoming aware of our thoughts.

We can play the game, “where did that thought come from” but I warn you the game grows old very quickly because our thoughts never stop as long as the brain remains functioning to translate thoughts to our awareness. Of course when we are no longer embodied our thoughts remain streaming but we are not experiencing them until we embody again.

1. Have a pen and paper at your side.

2. Sit quietly, activate your Vertical Pillar and fill yourself with the Love of Source.

3. Listen to your thoughts, don’t analyze them, just listen to what thoughts are running through you.

4. As your thoughts run through you pick a point to stop them and think about the stream that was flowing when you did so.

5. Ask yourself, where is this stream of thoughts coming from?

6. Look at the thoughts. What do you have to gain from that stream of thoughts? How is that thought stream assisting you to heal into balance?

7. Most importantly, what is it creating to allow you to experience?

8. Is that something you desire to experience? Perhaps you are thinking about a fallen ET agenda or the power elite and the imbalanced games they continue to play or perhaps about the terrible boss you have and how your life would be so much better if you did not.

9. Perhaps you are becoming aware of thoughts that you have no idea where they came from. They do not feel like your own but they are there just the same. They are NOT your own!

You can play this game as long as you like but as stated, it does get old very quickly.
Every thought we have comes from somewhere and if the thought is out of balance with love then it is an imbalanced thought. What can we do?

1. Focus on the Loving Joy of Source flowing through your body and breathe to fill your body to over flowing with the love of Source.

2. Talk to the body: (example) “Well, I know this thought is now mine because I am aware of it but I do not claim is as my own. I do not need this thought anymore and I now release it from myself to return to Source for the healing that it desires.”

3. Inhale the thought into the God Space within the 6th chakra 3rd eye and exhale it into the White Light Sphere of Source located there. Continue to do so until you feel complete with it.

4. Reprogram the body: Start a repetition of either mentally or verbally stating the opposite of the thought. (example) Thought released: “I can’t afford that”. I AM Abundance, over and over and over and over. Create a toning sequence or sing the affirmation if you like. The tones of your voice vibrate through the entire body and can seat the thought pattern faster like drumming it in.

5. Hand write the new thought over and over; engaging the body in the process of thought seeding (learning something new) creates firing within to begin the process of creating new neurons.

6. Simply pasting affirmations all around you will not create the desired results but can be a tool to assist the process. We must “become” the new thought, we must “believe” it with every ounce of our expression. When we believe it then the body believes it and the body will work to do its best to allow us to experience that desired thought.

“I AM” thought programming is very powerful programming; it is like a command thought that you ARE that thought.

There is no need to judge any thought you become aware of, there is never a need to judge anything only a need to “discern” so we can become aware. The imbalanced thoughts we hold to heal are NOT who we are, they are not our original Source expression, they are simply imbalanced thoughts that we hold the ability to heal. They are within us because we chose to come and take them unto us to heal them but they do not belong to us. Set them free and you will feel much lighter! Love them by loving yourself by loving Source.

That does not mean we do not have opinions about something and we can express as we desire but even when we express our opinions it would be wise to be aware of why we have the opinion and love it back into Source.

I have encountered many people through the years who have held an opinion of something like, “spiritual people are false, they pretend to be something they are not”. My opinion, keep on pretending until you know for certain exactly what you are, it does not matter what anyone else thinks as they are not creating your hologram.

Personally, I have become so aware of the importance of stopping / pausing before I open my mouth to say something so that I can make sure what is going to come out of my mouth is really my own thoughts and to listen to my higher conscious mind so that I can try to better express what is flowing through me.

Auto pilot, imbalanced thoughts flow through like firecrackers sparking about and is what pushes snap judgment comments to flow outward and when you combine the chemically created emotional responses with snapping thoughts it can create an environment for much chaos to grow within.

It may seem much easier to become thought aware when interacting with others but it is just as important to become thought aware when only interacting with our self because our body “listens” to every single thought instructions we give it.



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